We are the candidates

Uniquely positioned to help

Mockmate’s founding team is uniquely prepared to help streamline the hiring process, because we are the candidates you wish you could find.

Our team has different backgrounds: from tech startups to banking to writing to professional dancing. We know the value of a diverse team for any organization.

We also know the pain of being unfairly judged, seeing jobs perfectly matched to our skills, but not getting the opportunity to interview.

On average, only 2% of all applicants get interviewed for a position. That means 98% don’t even get a chance.

Mockmate helps give more people more opportunities, and to help companies find the best candidates.

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Digital transformation

Every aspect of our lives is becoming more and more digitized. Everyday.

With digital tools, we can accomplish the same tasks more efficiently and accurately

Companies can save money and lead the way for innovation. Working with new startups can introduce digital solutions to disrupt operations and processes. 

Interviewing is one of the last tasks to undergo the digital transformation. Hiring the right people is one of the most important aspects of successful business. 

Mockmate has designed a way to do it. Our artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithm accurately assess candidates’ answers by weighing what the candidate’s say and how they say it. 

It’s time to digitize the interview process.

Remote hiring and post-covid

It’s never been more urgent for the digital transformation of the interview process than right now. 

Remote hiring and working is not only nice to offer, but in some cases the only way. 

There is an unprecedented number of people hunting for jobs. 

Without doing any calculations, this means that there is also an unprecedented number of applications for each open role.

It’s time for implementing better processes to help streamline hiring. Building back better means saving time and money while finding the best talent for each job.

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Our Case Studies

Mockmate has proven to be an exceptionally accurate form of hiring talent. On our blog you can read updated case studies from some of our previous partners, and see for yourself.