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Help students learn interview skills with Mockmate, the AI job interview simulator.

Practice all types of interview questions, any time, any place, and receive immediate feedback.

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Why do the top educational institutions trust us?

Large & small schools, colleges and universities turn to Mockmate to help prepare students for job interviews in English. We custom-build your institution’s dashboard, so students can have a seamless interview practicing experience. 

Help your students get jobs by preparing for the new way of working, starting with virtual interviews.

Prepare for interviews

Practice makes perfect. You study for a test, now you can study for the interview!

Build confidence

When job candidates are comfortable and confident, their skills can shine. It all starts with practice.

English speaking skills

Interviewing is stressful, no matter the language. Build your interview in English with us.

Land the job

Mockmate’s dashboard helps students track their progress and tailor questions to the specific job.

Your students teach themselves with Mockmate

“What are some of your weaknesses” can be a tough question to answer. So can “Tell me about yourself” – there’s so much to say!

These are typical behavioral-based interview questions. 

Mockmate has collected more than 440 similar question prompts for students with immediate AI-generated feedback.

Bring effective interview training to your students with Mockmate.

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Mockmate’s job interview simulator

Students can answer 440+ typical interview questions by typing or recording audio or video.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm gets to work, so users get immediate and objective analysis on their answers.

Students can replay & review all interview answers, tracking their progress, and improving their chances of getting the job offer!

Practice makes perfect, prepare your students with Mockmate.