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Find your summer internship with Linkedin automation

The idea Starting on the first of January, I sent 1511 automated messages to wish a happy new year to my entire list of linkedin contacts. Happy New Year [firstname]! I hope 2019 brings you everything you desire professionally. 2018 has been great for me, with all the travels to serve my clients and eventually the start […]

This Is What To Expect From Executive Job Hunting

Getting an executive job is a very involved process. It’s quite different than getting hired for an entry or mid level position. When a company hires an executive, they’re essentially letting that executive right into the heart of the company without having to go through all the ranks. Esteemed investor Warren Buffet once said that […]

Patch Those Holes in Your Resume With These Easy Tips

One of the biggest troubles about extended unemployment is that being the fact that you were unemployed can make it more difficult to get employed in the future. It’s not that employers are discriminating; it’s just that in many professions, being unemployed also means your skills are rusting. If you’re an engineer for example, if […]

Looking for a Job? This Is What You Need to Know About LinkedIn

If you’re on the job market, there’s no tool more powerful than LinkedIn. With over thirty five million members and a network that includes everyone from ground level employees to Fortune 100 CEOs, you’re really missing out if you’re not taking full advantage of the power of LinkedIn. If you’re looking for a job, here […]

How To Best Use The Internet to Find a Job

The internet is one of the most powerful tools any job seeker has at their arsenal. Employers are increasingly turning to the internet to find potential candidates. It’s both more effective and cheaper than more traditional means of finding job candidates. How do you use the internet to find a job? Follow these tips. Clean […]

4 Tricks You Can Use to Make Your Email Job Application Stand Out

Today the internet has more or less taken over the job search market. When someone wants to find a job, they don’t go to the newspaper, but Craigslist, Monster or LinkedIn. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly more and more important for candidates to learn how to write job applications that stand out. It’s important […]