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This Is How to Mention Your Experience Without Sounding Boastful

Trying to highlight the breadth of your experience and strengths without sounding like you’re boasting can be a bit of a challenge. Your goal in an interview should be to convince the interviewer that you’re competent and that you’re the right person for the job. To do that, you can’t be afraid of showing off […]

This Is How (and When) to Negotiate Pay During An Interview

Negotiating pay is one of the trickiest aspects of interviewing for a job. If you do it properly, you can set yourself to earn as much as 25% more than if you negotiate pay poorly. If you’re in the job for years or decades, that 25% can really add up. On the other hand, bringing […]

Looking for a Job? This Is What You Need to Know About LinkedIn

If you’re on the job market, there’s no tool more powerful than LinkedIn. With over thirty five million members and a network that includes everyone from ground level employees to Fortune 100 CEOs, you’re really missing out if you’re not taking full advantage of the power of LinkedIn. If you’re looking for a job, here […]

How To Build Steady Rapport with the Interviewer during a job interview

You’ve probably heard that, all things being equal, a company is much more likely to hire someone they like than someone they don’t. In fact, even if all things aren’t equal and the deck is stacked against a candidate, they’re still much more likely to hire someone they like rather than not. It’s called culture […]

How To Best Use The Internet to Find a Job

The internet is one of the most powerful tools any job seeker has at their arsenal. Employers are increasingly turning to the internet to find potential candidates. It’s both more effective and cheaper than more traditional means of finding job candidates. How do you use the internet to find a job? Follow these tips. Clean […]

5 Methods You Can Use To Get Mentally Prepared for a Job Interview

Doing well in a job interview is as much about mental preparation as anything else. A person who comes into an interview composed, relaxed and sharp is more likely to get the job than someone who comes into the interview nervous, tense and fidgety, even if they have a better resume. Here are 5 ways […]