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This Is Where You Can Find Entry Level Government Jobs in the US

The United States government is the largest employer in the country. The same is true in most developed countries in the world. From the post office to bus drivers, from city planners to librarians, there are all kinds of jobs that need to be filled. The government is also one of the few organizations that […]

This Is What To Expect From Executive Job Hunting

Getting an executive job is a very involved process. It’s quite different than getting hired for an entry or mid level position. When a company hires an executive, they’re essentially letting that executive right into the heart of the company without having to go through all the ranks. Esteemed investor Warren Buffet once said that […]

This Is How to Mention Your Experience Without Sounding Boastful

Trying to highlight the breadth of your experience and strengths without sounding like you’re boasting can be a bit of a challenge. Your goal in an interview should be to convince the interviewer that you’re competent and that you’re the right person for the job. To do that, you can’t be afraid of showing off […]

This Is How (and When) to Negotiate Pay During An Interview

Negotiating pay is one of the trickiest aspects of interviewing for a job. If you do it properly, you can set yourself to earn as much as 25% more than if you negotiate pay poorly. If you’re in the job for years or decades, that 25% can really add up. On the other hand, bringing […]

5 Methods You Can Use To Get Mentally Prepared for a Job Interview

Doing well in a job interview is as much about mental preparation as anything else. A person who comes into an interview composed, relaxed and sharp is more likely to get the job than someone who comes into the interview nervous, tense and fidgety, even if they have a better resume. Here are 5 ways […]