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The Ultimate Guide To The Consulting Cover Letter

Introduction I have seen so many students work for hours on their cover letter. I believe that writing a good cover letter is not so difficult, but it can be daunting when one doesn’t know where to start. I wanted to provide you with a quick and structured way of writing a great cover letter. […]

Patch Those Holes in Your Resume With These Easy Tips

One of the biggest troubles about extended unemployment is that being the fact that you were unemployed can make it more difficult to get employed in the future. It’s not that employers are discriminating; it’s just that in many professions, being unemployed also means your skills are rusting. If you’re an engineer for example, if […]

How to Make Your CV Stand Out From The Pile

Creating a good CV takes a combination of skilled writing, good design and a dash of creativity. When a prospective employer picks up your CV, it should instantly jump out at them and grab their attention. They should say to themselves: “Wow, there’s something special about this applicant.” Here’s how to create a CV that […]

5 Methods You Can Use To Get Mentally Prepared for a Job Interview

Doing well in a job interview is as much about mental preparation as anything else. A person who comes into an interview composed, relaxed and sharp is more likely to get the job than someone who comes into the interview nervous, tense and fidgety, even if they have a better resume. Here are 5 ways […]

4 Tricks You Can Use to Make Your Email Job Application Stand Out

Today the internet has more or less taken over the job search market. When someone wants to find a job, they don’t go to the newspaper, but Craigslist, Monster or LinkedIn. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly more and more important for candidates to learn how to write job applications that stand out. It’s important […]