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Practice with a Consulting Case

Introduction Consulting interview has its own special process for recruiting candidates. You can check out my advice for full-scale preparation in this article. You can also check out my step-by-step guide to write a decent cover letter. This year, I made another attempt to make consulting cases fun! IESE organised a case writing competition hand in hand […]

Preparing for an MBB Consulting Interview

Introduction The consulting career is one of the most sought opportunities for MBA students. I was part of the crowd that didn’t really consider it, but during the November/December fever, I couldn’t resist applying. The salary, the prestige and the competition made me want a job at an MBB. In the end,  I made it […]

The Ultimate Guide To The Consulting Cover Letter

Introduction I have seen so many students work for hours on their cover letter. I believe that writing a good cover letter is not so difficult, but it can be daunting when one doesn’t know where to start. I wanted to provide you with a quick and structured way of writing a great cover letter. […]