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Mockmate is an early-stage startup and we’re already makin’ headlines. Here’s some of our recent press coverage:

Neil Patel’s Angels and Entrepreneurs Network

May 15 2021

Mockmate was selected to be featured in Neil Patel’s Angels and Entrepreneurs Network, exclusive content for members-only. 

La Libre ECO Belgique – Startups news of the week

May 7 2021

La Libre Belgique, is a major daily newspaper in Belgium. Mockmate was featured as a Startup of The Week in May 2021.

May 4 2021

The Lead Up features Techstars founders of the Berlin 2021 program as they share their stories — and struggles — preparing for Demo Day.

On this episode of The Lead Up, we catch up with Waina and Meg, cofounders of Mockmate, a tool helping job seekers practice interviews, while also helping companies screen candidates faster using natural language processing. 

14 April 2021 (Spain)

Makers of Barcelona (MOB) is a coworking space, academy, creative agency, and collaboration hub. #MakersMemoirs is a series that highlights the unique stories of members. Mockmate was featured in April 2021. 

Starting a new business during a pandemic, Waina Landuro MBA 20 – IESE MBA Blog

19 November 2020

Waina Landauro, MBA 20 started Mockmate to help his classmates prepare for job interviews. In this post, he talks about what it is like to launch a new business during a pandemic. 


24 September 2020 (Spain)

IESE’s new “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative”, an open-access session on AI’s impact on businesses.
Mockmate is introduced by Professor Sebastien Brion, Managing People in Organizations, IESE.

16 September 2020 (USA)

Recruiting Hell is a term used to describe the frustration of the modern job hunt. 
Episode 18 – Interview with a Bot? – Ft. Waïna Landauro of Mockmate

20 May 2020 Le Soir (Belgium)

Mockmate: An Internet Job Interview Simulator

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23 May 2020 Fredzone (France)

Mockmate: A job interview simulator available online

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22 May 2020 20 Minutes (France)

Mockmate: An Internet Job Interview Simulator

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Mockmate in the media

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