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Mockmate is an early-stage startup and we’re already makin’ headlines. Here’s some of our recent press coverage:

24 September 2020 (Spain)

IESE’s new “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative”, an open-access session on AI’s impact on businesses.
Mockmate is introduced by Professor Sebastien Brion, Managing People in Organizations, IESE.

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16 September 2020 (USA)

Recruiting Hell is a term used to describe the frustration of the modern job hunt. 
Episode 18 – Interview with a Bot? – Ft. Waïna Landauro of Mockmate

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20 May 2020 Le Soir (Belgium)

Mockmate: An Internet Job Interview Simulator

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23 May 2020 Fredzone (France)

Mockmate: A job interview simulator available online

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22 May 2020 20 Minutes (France)

Mockmate: An Internet Job Interview Simulator

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Mockmate in the media

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