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Interview more, get better talent

Each job posting attracts an average of 250 applicants, while each CV is reviewed by HR for less than 3 seconds

Interview everyone that applies with Mockmate. Our algorithm analyzes each interview instantly and provides your talent acquisition team with:

  • objectively fill your candidate pipeline
  • an easy-to-understand shortlist of candidates
  • answer transcripts to all interview questions
  • our bespoke analysis (backed by organizational psychologists)

Impress your hiring manager, with a shortlist of qualified candidates supplied by Mockmate!

Mockmate for business

Streamline hiring with automated interviews!

Source new candidates by browsing the thousands of candidates training on our platform. Filter them by skills, interest and location. 
Screen your candidates and create a custom Mockmate interview to hire faster and interview everyone, instantly, with video, audio, or text.

What do our client say?

“We were the first company to trust the Mockmate product, and seeing the results now we definitely believe that it’s a game changer in the recruiting process, especially with companies that receive hundreds of applications.”

Maxime Lothe,

Founder, Novutech


Partner with Mockmate: Universities

Schools and universities Interview training for students

Help students learn interview skills with Mockmate, the AI job interview simulator.

Practice all types of interview questions, any time, any place, and receive immediate feedback.

Students can replay & review all interview answers, tracking their progress, and improving their chances of getting the job offer!

Help your students ace the interview with our immediate feedback.

Students teach themselves with Mockmate

“What are some of your weaknesses” can be a tough question to answer. So can “Tell me about yourself” – there’s so much to say!

These are typical behavioral-based interview questions. 

Bring effective interview training to your students with Mockmate.