Internwise & Mockmate

An online job board and an automated job interview

Internwise, an internship platform, is proud to partner with Mockmate, an AI job interview simulator.

Intern candidates can use Mockmate to learn interview skills and practice all types of interview questions, with immediate feedback. 

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What is Mockmate?

Mockmate is an intelligent job interview simulator. Mockmate has more than 440 questions to help you interview, through immediate feedback and analysis on interviews with AI.

Prepare for interviews

Practice makes perfect. You study for a test, now you can study for the interview!

Build confidence

You are comfortable and confident, your skills can shine. It all starts with practice.

English speaking skills

Interviewing is stressful, no matter the language. Practice interviewing in English with us.

Get the internship

Mockmate’s dashboard helps track your progress with tailored questions.

Learn how to interview with Mockmate

“What are some of your weaknesses” can be a tough question to answer. So can “Tell me about yourself” – there’s so much to say!

These are typical behavioral-based interview questions. 

With Mockmate you can practice more than 440 similar questions and get immediate AI-generated feedback.

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Get 50% off with Internwise & Mockmate

Replay & review all interview answers, track your progress, and improving your chances of getting the internship!

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Ace your interview with Mockmate!