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Hiring managers and recruiters can spend a lot of time on finding the right candidates.

Unbiased AI can help streamline the recruiting process, helping you hire the best candidates for the job, based on the content of their answers.

Interview more people any time, any place, with immediate analysis.

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Why do companies use Mockmate?

Save time and money hiring.  Large & small businesses around the world turn to Mockmate to help streamline their interview process, reach more quality candidates.

Get the best candidates. With virtual interviews you can reach candidates around the world. Online. Instantly.

Save time interviewing

A typical 15-minute phone interview typically involves 4 back-and-forth emails, taking time and costing money.

Reduce employee turnover

Mockmate helps HR departments make their hiring process easier and more objective, ensuring candidates meet qualifications.

Grow the size of your talent pool

Go beyond traditional interview limits. Our technology helps you interview more people, all at the same time

Tackle biases in diversity & inclusion

Unconscious biases affect choices. Hire with us and candidates are scored according to specific objective criteria.

Instant online interviewing

If you’re hiring, Mockmate can interview your candidates. Read more on how it works (hyperlink to how it works page) or watch our demo. 

Host more efficient interviews with Mockmate.

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Shortlist your candidates

Mockmate offers full customization, with your company’s logo and branding.

Provide your own or select from our list of 440+ interview questions.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm provides immediate and objective analysis on each candidate.

Read a transcript or replay candidates audio or video.

Interview more, get better talent