Questions to ask in interview

Many people think that an interview is all about answering questions. But it is good to remember that an interview is very much a two-way conversation. The hiring manager is not only interviewing to see if you are a good fit for the company but also you are interviewing them to see if the company is a good fit for you. (Remember this, it can also help you feel less nervous!)

At the end of an interview, you will almost always be asked if you have any questions for them. This is a great time to demonstrate your interest in the company by asking a couple of prepared questions. 

Try to brainstorm 2 or 3 questions that you want to ask. It may seem difficult, but this is a great exercise not only to do well in an interview but also to help you understand why you may or may not want to work for that company. They ideally should be honest questions that you have about the company or the position, but of course, it’s always comforting to have a couple of standards in your back pocket in case you are feeling stuck.

Here’s a list of some questions to get your brainstorming started:

  • What is a normal day like for [role]?
  • Who will I be reporting to the most?
  • How did you end up working for [company name]?
  • What about [company name] has kept you here for so long?
  • How is the company culture here different from other places?
  • Do you have much interaction with upper management?

Aside from exact questions, you can also touch on some topics in your questions:

  • Ask questions about the expectations for the role (can include things like expected timeline or budgets)
  • Ask more about industry specifics if you are changing industries
  • Ask about the different charitable initiatives of the company 
  • Ask about feedback protocol

Of course, you don’t have to always wait until the end of the interview to ask questions – you can also ask questions as you are going through the interview. This will create a nice conversational atmosphere and will help you and the interviewer feel more comfortable (always a good thing!).

The most important thing is that you get all of the information you want from the interview and that you leave a good impression on them, and asking thoughtful questions oftentimes leads to both outcomes.

Got a favorite question you like to ask in interviews? Post it in the comments! We have interviewed a lot, but we are always looking for new tips!

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