Announcing something very exciting!

Mockmate is back, here to help you get that job. 

What’s Mockmate again?

Our mission is to use technology to improve getting a job and the entire hiring process, unlocking opportunities for candidates, and growing the talent pool for companies.

We’re starting with our AI job interview simulator.

Who is Mockmate best for?

People looking for a job, unsure what to expect from an interview, and interested to try technology to help.

Interview with Mockmate to answer one of our 440 interview questions,
like “Tell me about yourself”, and get instant feedback.

What’s the news?

Save the date of April 8th, we’re inviting you to a special event. We’ll have a free, online, all-access pass to jumpstart your job search. Stay tuned for more!

What’s the best part?

Mockmate is in beta and completely free (for now).

Obviously, we think the best thing you can do is take an interview, here.

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