strenghts questions

‘What are your strengths?’

Why are recruiters asking this?

“What are your strengths?” is a classic interview question, and you should be prepared to answer it.

In your answer you get to focus on what you like doing, what you’re good at and what makes you feel good. Tell a story and be memorable – don’t just list adjectives like a thesaurus.

This is a fairly open-ended question and depending when it is asked, you might have different answers. If you’ve already covered a few basic behavioral questions, and this question comes last, then it’s your chance to deliver a final pitch of why you’re the best candidate for this job.

There’s no generic reply for this question, and there shouldn’t be! Use this question to talk about how great you are. And if that thought makes you uncomfortable, prepare the answer in advance and rehearse a few times.

Checklist for a great answer 

  • Tell a story with STAR Method
  • Don’t be generic or unoriginal
  • Uncomfortable talking about how great you are? Prepare it well!


Although I studied financial accounting, I really like to write, which isn’t obvious based on my CV. I’d like to tell you about that now because I believe it makes me a more well-rounded candidate. I’m often the team member assigned to writing the context for the slide deck, after perfecting the Excel model. I seem to be able to succinctly and concretely summarize what’s most important for the client. Last month, I even created a 50-slide deck with a model in one evening, when a colleague got sick. We were able to keep the meeting with the client and deliver the presentation without any issues. I even have a personal travel blog if you’re looking for your next vacation destination.

Other similar questions

  • What are your strengths?
  • What would your direct reports say about you?
  • What are some positive things your last boss would say about you?
  • How do people describe you?

How do I get better at these questions?


The illustrious economist and statistician EF Schumacher once said: “An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory.” We at Mockmate strongly believe in exactly this, which is why we created our AI-powered job interview simulator.  Now is the time to stop reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos, and begin to perfect your interview skills by actually doing it! Start giving yourself an edge here!

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