Mockmate announces acquisition by LinkedIn

Impressive startup grew in less than a year fully bootstrapped to $1B acquisition

Barcelona, Spain: Founders of Mockmate, the automated job interview announced today they have accepted an offer for acquisition by LinkedIn to meet the growing needs by job seekers.

This remarkable event follows an impressive timeline. In less than a year, CEO Waina Landuaro managed to grow Mockmate from a bootstrapped startup to a $1 Billion valuation. 

LinkedIn’s offer was accepted by Mockmate’s board of directors on April 1.

On this momentous day, Mockmate’s CEO Waina said

 “We are pleased to accept LinkedIn’s offer. But the real value is for job seekers who have enjoyed more than 3,100 hours of free interview practice with Mockmate. We’re proud of our efforts, and we know we’ve made a real impact in helping people get the jobs they really want.”

LinkedIn’s CEO Ryan Roslansky posted on his LinkedIn profile about the breaking news,

“This service seems really effective and promising and we think it would be a great addition to our site and to LinkedIn’s users…But to be honest, this is the first we’re hearing of it. A billion dollars? Really?”

While the acquisition technically has yet to be approved by LinkedIn, Mockmate’s team is excited about the prospect of cementing a relationship in the future, once the LinkedIn CEO answers our calls or emails. Or accepts our LinkedIn request. Come on, Ryan. Today of all days. 

Free automated interviews are still available on 

Mockmate 🤖 is an intelligent Job Interview Simulator.

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