Just a few weeks after launching, Mockmate had an opportunity to run a pilot project with Novutech, a fast-growing tech startup based in Brussels.

This pilot allowed us to test Mockmate, the online AI job interview, in the real world, under normal conditions. Unbiased AI can help streamline the recruiting process, objectively helping you hire the best candidates for the job.

We customized our platform with a white label for Novutech. 9 candidates took the online interview and our algorithm ranked the best fitting candidates. 

And: Mockmate works. We ranked the candidates and of our top 3, Novutech selected 2. Our AI-algorithm provided the same results as in-person interviews!

Read below for the details of our first case study and our amazing results!

Who is Novutech?

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Novutech, a fast-growing start-up based in Brussels, Belgium, is dedicated to the implementation, optimization and support of Oracle’s NetSuite, a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. The company was founded in 2019 by two former consultants from a big consulting firm. 

Novutech helps customers redefine their business processes. With certified NetSuite business and technical consultants, they tackle digital transformation through streamlining cloud processes from finance & accounting, reporting and business intelligence to order management, eCommerce, CRM, etc. 

The Pilot

Novutech is growing fast and continuously in need of new recruits to help manage their project. 

In summer 2020, Novutech planned to hire two additional business consultants. 

Co-founder Maxime Lothe said: “For this type of profile, we generally are looking for fresh grads or people with less than 3 years experience. We really wanted to try Mockmate. We are selling automation and we were very curious to see if Mockmate could deliver results. We are also very busy and we saw an opportunity to save time in our recruiting process. As a startup ourselves, we wanted to give Mockmate a chance to test their product. We’re definitely early adopters in terms of Artificial Intelligence and we saw a great opportunity when Waina pitched the tool.”

The Mockmate team sat down with Novutech to review the Business Consultant job description and understand their hiring process and company needs. Maxime described the task:

“There are generally a few things we try to test on a first informal phone call interview: “The cultural fit, the ability of the candidates to deliver under pressure, and finally their propensity to go the extra mile for a client.”

We proposed a choice of interview questions and together we selected 5. Then Novutech sent the link to Mockmate to their candidates. 

The twist

In this first test, we had a special approach. At the same time that candidates were interviewing on Mockmate, they were also interviewing in person with Novutech. So our pilot was a real scientific ‘double blind’ study, and we didn’t share our results until they had finished interviewing. According to Maxime” 

We decided internally to do interviews jointly with the Mockmate analysis. We really wanted to see if the product worked, but we also wanted to move fast. We were amazed to see that our top selection was almost exactly replicated in Mockmate’s reports. We were the first company to trust the Mockmate product, and seeing the results now we definitely believe that it’s a game changer in the recruiting process, especially with companies that receive hundreds of applications.

The report

Mockmate delivered a report summarizing the results of the pilot project, and the candidates’ AI-based assessment. View a sample report here. 

According to Maxime, “What we think was most valuable was the ranking of the candidates. It was a very compelling way to shortlist our applicants. We also really liked the visual aspects of the report. It was very clear we could immediately understand the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. We also particularly loved the criteria “match with job description” which is essential to make a good choice.  We’re really looking forward to Mockmate’s next iteration, we would definitely continue using it for our next hires.”

What’s next?

After this successful pilot, Mockmate has signed on 2 additional pilots with other companies. We are really pleased that companies see the value we can bring to their HR department. 

We’re still interested to conduct more pilots before we formally launch our platform. Interested? Let’s make the recruiting experience less frustrating for candidates and more efficient for recruiters. Contact us to learn more! 

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