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Looking for a Job? This Is What You Need to Know A...

If you’re on the job market, there’s no tool more powerful than LinkedIn. With over thirty five million members and a network that includes everyone

How to Manage and Maximise Your Network for Potent...

One of the biggest and best sources of job leads you could tap is your personal network. Your personal network consists of people who already

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How to Make Your CV Stand Out From The Pile

Creating a good CV takes a combination of skilled writing, good design and a dash of creativity. When a prospective employer picks up your CV,

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How To Make First Contact With An Employer

Making contact with a potential employer can be tricky if you don’t already have a way of getting your foot in the door. How do

interview questions
How To Build Steady Rapport with the Interviewer d...

You’ve probably heard that, all things being equal, a company is much more likely to hire someone they like than someone they don’t. In fact,

find jobs internet
How To Best Use The Internet to Find a Job

The internet is one of the most powerful tools any job seeker has at their arsenal. Employers are increasingly turning to the internet to find

working abroad
Finding a Job Abroad: What To Consider

If the job market in your country has dried up, one way you can make the job search much easier is to find a job

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Avoid These 3 Time-Wasting Activities in any Job S...

Most people don’t treat job searching like a real job. A lot of the time that could be spent on finding a job is squandered.

mental preparation interview
5 Methods You Can Use To Get Mentally Prepared for...

Doing well in a job interview is as much about mental preparation as anything else. A person who comes into an interview composed, relaxed and

4 trick job application
4 Tricks You Can Use to Make Your Email Job Applic...

Today the internet has more or less taken over the job search market. When someone wants to find a job, they don’t go to the

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