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Mockmate – new mates 

Mockmate is an early-stage startup, always growing, we welcomed 2 new helpers in March! (For more on our story and what motivates us, see our About page).

Wait – who are the old mates?

Waina Landauro, CEO & CTO

Waina is Belgian and speaks 4 languages. With more than 9 years experience in startups, he went for an MBA from IESE business school (2020) and did his MBA internship at Google in Paris.

Now with Mockmate, he is founder, tech lead, and head of the team.

Megan Kenna, Operations & everything else

Megan is American from Philadelphia. A mid-career professional, she has 14 years of experience. Since 2014 she’s worked as an independent consultant in business development and marketing, raising more than $80M for startups mostly in grant (non-equity) funding. She is passionate about diversity & inclusion. 

Now with Mockmate, she works on operations, marketing & business development.

Michael Gross, Business development

Mike is American, originally from New York State and brings a unique background to the team. He’s a former professional dancer who worked with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, one of the world’s most prolific contemporary dance companies. He now has an MBA from IESE Business School. 

Now at Mockmate, Mike works on business development.

Now – the new mates!

We’re pleased to welcome JD & Nastya to our team!

JD Farrugia, Marketing

JD hails from the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. He’s a seasoned project manager and content creator. The lifestyle, music and culinary delights brought JD to Barcelona in summer 2020. He came across Mockmate through a Facebook group aimed at connecting content creators across the city and started out by writing the occasional blog post.

When asked about working with Mockmate he said

“Working with Mockmate feels quite liberating. The company is still so fresh and we have the luxury to experiment and test out new ideas. The team is great and I think we all compliment each other. I’m excited to see where the journey will take us.”

Anastasia ‘Nastya’ Solovyeva, Marketing Intern

Nastya is from Moscow, Russia. She is currently studying a masters in digital marketing and social media at Barcelona-based ESERP business school. Nastya is currently our digital marketing intern, helping JD & Megan with all things online.

When asked to comment she said:

“Before applying to Mockmate’s internship, I checked out the website. I immediately loved it, it’s cool, it’s innovative, and we don’t have any similar concepts in Russia. Without any doubt I wanted to be a part of the team.
And…I’m here! It’s great to work at this startup because our team is progressing more and more every day. And that’s the best part of business. I’m excited to see what the future brings.”


Mockmate, is always searching for new talents who want to join our team. Check out our Careers Page for current vacancies, or, tell us about yourself on our interview platform. 

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