coffee taste test

Above – our first team building exercise – a coffee taste test

Mockmate Summer 2020 Update 

Hi Everyone!

We at Mockmate believe in the power of transparency – and because of that, we want to provide regular updates on how we are building our company. 

This is the first of a series about what it’s like to start, run and grow our company. Hopefully we will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their business, and catch up with people curious about Mockmate.

Mockmate was a covid pandemic project and was going to stay that way, until a journalist found out about us and wrote an article about it. That’s when our founder Waina decided to go for turning the product into a business, and he started recruiting team members.

Here’s what happened during the last few weeks:

  • We recruited 2 marketing interns and 2 finance interns. Marketing will focus on how to reach out to potential clients to get our first sales, and finance will produce market research and financial modelling in preparation of a seed round later this year.
  • We have 100+ visits to the website per day. We’ve had 893 users of our product so far and 12% are returning visitors. 
  • We are building a community of job searchers on Instagram with 750+ followers and growing. The goal of the summer is to have a community with which we can directly communicate and ask for feedback.

Finally, we’re looking to find companies to run a pilot with us.

Want to pilot Mockmate? We can help you in your hiring process – replacing the first round of interviews with automation. If you can think of any company that might want to work with us, let us know! Learn more on our blog. 

Thanks for supporting Mockmate. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or comments. 

Want to hire faster? Let Mockmate help. Our AI-powered job interview platform allows you to remotely interview candidates, and get a deeper look at what they are ready to bring to the organization. Check it out today.


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