Above – Waina gives a workshop on “How to beat the recruiters” to the Louvain School of Management in Belgium

Mockmate September & October 2020 Update 

Hi Everyone! We’re so happy to share our latest update. We believe in transparency so we regularly update our blog with some of our successes & failures. What’s Mockmate? An intelligent online job interview simulator that helps automate interviewing with artificial intelligence. For companies we help enable faster hiring. For job seekers we help with practice interviews. First, thank you so much for supporting us. Thanks for advising, liking, sharing, and talking about us. Without you we would just be another website, so we’re really grateful to have you here. Mockmate’s top highlights in September & October:
  • Pilots! We’ve tested Mockmate B2B, by running pilot projects with 5 companies who use our product to interview job candidates. The first one with Novutech was super successful and we are looking forward to rolling out even more!
  • University partners! We secured 2 partnerships with European universities including LSM (Louvain School of Management, Waina’s alma mater).
  • We created a brand new website (this one!) to share our product offerings, whether you are an individual, a university, or a company.
  • We added VIDEO (woo-hoo!). Now you have the option to answer the interview questions by typing, speaking, or recording a video; and our algorithm is powerful enough to analyze your answers equally, no matter the format you choose.
  • Our hard working team is now 4 working full-time on the project, with 1 part-time.
  • We made a video for our Business clients (demo available here) and are continually improving our product every day.
  • We’ve grown our community of job searchers on Instagram with 2k+ followers and growing. The goal is to have a community with which we can directly communicate and ask for feedback.
Finally, we’re now actively looking for funding from angels and VCs. If you know anyone interested in a great investment opportunity in HR tech & AI we’d love to talk to them. Let us know and we’ll share a pitch deck and business plan. Thanks again for supporting Mockmate and feel free to reach out to us if you have any feedback or just want to chat, contact us! Want to hire faster? Let Mockmate help. Our AI-powered job interview platform allows you to remotely interview candidates, and get a deeper look at what they are ready to bring to the organization. Check it out today.

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