Recruiting is dead

A hiring revolution

Interviewing people is hard.
Even if you’re the one who is recruiting or hiring.

If you’re looking for a job, it’s stressful and not transparent.

The numbers game

Each job opening attracts:

  • An average of 250 applications
  • More than 20% are interesting profiles 
  • Yet only 2% are called for an interview
  • The average time-to-fill a role is 38 days
R.I.P. Recruiting (1700-2021)

The process of getting a job on both sides hasn’t changed in centuries. Newspapers included the first job advertisements in 1700, today not much is different. 

Companies post a job vacancy, candidates submit a resume and cover letter, companies review applications (or not! The average time a recruiter reviews a resume is just 6 seconds!) and then they short list candidates and set up a screening interview, then a second interview, and then an offer.

A tedious process.

The biggest change of the last decades is now you email an application instead of call, mail or fax. Yawn.

If I can track my pizza delivery in detail, why would I accept anything less from my application?

An inefficient recruiting process

This process is needlessly frustrating and inefficient.

Time is lost on both sides – for both job seekers and companies.

For companies, HR may miss opportunities. Money is wasted advertising roles and gathering applications that are never even truly considered. Candidates who are short-listed take time and energy to schedule screening calls, learn more, communicate internally.  And the worst aspect is that candidates may be selected based on (un)conscious biases that impact their choices.

Consider job seekers, who rarely get a response to a job application. If they are unemployed, they may be stuck in a trap of constantly applying and rarely gaining interviews. Candidates may feel unfairly judged, seeing jobs perfectly matched to skills, but not even having an opportunity to interview.

Structured interviews aren’t human and AI can reduce hiring bias(es)

First off, on Mockmate’s blog we already covered a few posts on how to conduct better interviews, literature reviews of best practices to solve known problems in recruiting, like: 

Simply put, the more structured and standardized that your interview is, the better hire you will make. Our blog on the power of the structured interview also gives you a free job interview template. 

But let’s face it, who is going to read all that? You’re busy, you want to hire, and that’s it.

Well we’ve got a radical solution. Read on.

Interviews for all

There’s a better way. Interviews for all.

Everyone deserves a chance to have their job application be reviewed. To be evaluated for an open role based on merit alone, on the traits described in the job description.

Companies and recruiters will benefit from streamlining a tiresome process. Don’t lose good quality candidates in the recruiting process, in a difficult war for talent.

Applicants are not disposable, and if they take time to apply, their application must actually be considered. 

Mockmate offers the chance for everyone to be interviewed, for companies to screen all candidates with automated interviewing, and until that time, job seekers can practice interview absolutely for free.

We believe in interviews for all. Start now.

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