How to Hack the Interview to Ensure You’re Getting the Right Candidates

It’s no secret that one of the most time-consuming and costly aspects for businesses is the recruitment and retention of new talent.

Investing in recruitment is a good idea to avoid losing money later.
Even if it sounds simple, it’s a challenge.

In hiring, there’s a risk to eliminate really great candidates because they didn’t have a chance to show how they were uniquely qualified during the interview.

Or, once hired, companies spend resources to hire and train a new candidates, expecting them to stay in the role which might not happen…

So what can recruiters do to make sure that they are hiring the right candidates?

It all starts with the right questions. 

To make sure that you aren’t losing out on a great asset to your team, start by asking the right questions.

Ask about capabilities rather than just skills.
You want to get an idea of how your candidate thinks and how they might potentially solve a complex problem. This goes further than making a note of the fact that they might have 5 years plus using Microsoft Excel. Considering that around 75% of candidates never make it past the resume scanner, it might be time to rethink how candidates are being asked to explain how they think.

Don’t stay married to metrics.
Just because a candidate may meet a series of basic requirements on paper doesn’t mean that they are equipped to deal with a problem that is unique to your business or industry. Instead of “Have you done…?” try questions that get at “How would you approach…?” This allows recruiters to see how candidates would handle unique problems that can come up during typical and atypical work circumstances.

Search for the “We”.
Candidates are often encouraged to humblebrag their way into a job, focusing on professional “I” statements, and how they “set themselves apart” in a professional setting. It’s not their fault really, as this line of thinking is largely embraced and encouraged. But here’s a secret: often, when there has been a significant breakdown or even success on a project, it often comes as a result of a team effort. Instead of rattling off a laundry list of personal accomplishments, push your candidates to share how they might navigate within a team, and it might tell you a lot more about the true value they could add to your team.

Tap into the candidates’ passions.
Of course, it’s natural to have your lens trained on how a potential new hire could add value to your organization, but experts suggest that zeroing in on what candidates are passionate about could actually be more valuable in the long run. If a candidate is working on tasks that are related to their interests and passions, they are more likely to put in the extra work because it is something they genuinely enjoy doing.

Tapping into the true strengths of applicants doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to cost companies more money. It just takes a shift in mindset that ultimately results in more value for everyone.

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