How AI can reduce hiring bias

The recruitment process is tough, whether you’re a job-seeker or a company looking to hire someone new, it’s a jungle out there. The way applicants are reviewed and hired is notoriously flawed particularly due to the ((un)conscious) biases which can influence the outcomes and the types of candidates chosen.

By using AI-powered technology like Mockmate’s job interview simulator, companies can take active steps in reducing the influence of biases.

Unconscious biases can be found at every stage of the hiring process, from how we interpret resumes based on photos, the fonts used, or the candidate’s hometown, to more intangible biases in the interview conversation. These include biases based on ethnicity, gender, dress sense, or even the way we lean towards candidates we imagine having Friday evening beers with the most.

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Posting jobs today on platforms like LinkedIn or Glassdoor, results in significantly higher numbers of applications. Far too many to be reviewed. Because of this, large numbers of candidates are being ruled out automatically as employers choose to review pools of candidates who meet superficial criteria like those coming from specific Universities or if they’ve worked for their top competitors. 

This is where Mockmate can help

 Artificial intelligence has a significant amount of potential to reduce the many biases and limitations that are found in current recruitment processes. The technology can be specifically designed to reduce bias otherwise found during face-to-face interviews. It can also handle much larger numbers of applications without cutting corners and eliminating perfectly viable candidates.

The technology can be used to guide people through the first steps of an application, shortlisting just a few, well-suited candidates for a final conversation with recruiters who might not have otherwise been chosen because of hiring biases. This could lead to companies becoming more diverse, more innovative, and more profitable.

Mockmate’s AI-powered job interview simulator has the ability to analyse and rate responses to interview questions using a complex proprietary algorithm. All processes are tracked and monitored (unlike with traditional interviews) which also makes it much easier for the technology to be audited and improved to further eliminate biases and tackle issues.

If you’re looking to hire new staff and would like to ensure that hiring biases won’t compromise your process, Mockmate’s AI-powered technology is here to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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