Dealing with rejection

One of the scariest things in the world is putting yourself into positions where you know you will be vulnerable. We’re sure you have experienced some performance anxiety some time in your life, whether it’s interviewing for a job, giving a presentation at work, a speech at a wedding, or even going to a karaoke bar (especially before a couple mojitos).

The reason these activities are scary is because we put ourselves in positions where we are fully visible and will be judged. Many times these experiences can be invigorating if they go well, but if they do not go as planned, we can feel like we have failed.

So, how do we deal with that rejection?

Especially when it comes to job interviews, it can be difficult to bounce back. Society puts a lot of pressure on people to be ‘successful’ so if there are any roadblocks it can be debilitating. But no matter what, don’t get discouraged and be sure to keep searching for the right opportunity for you.

Here are a few tips to help you out as you face some hardship and are trying to bounce back:

Take a breath

After putting a lot of time and energy into writing CVs, cover letters, and preparing for interviews, a rejection can feel like a waste of your efforts. If you feel dejected, slow down.

Take a few minutes to breathe –  deep breaths – to relax both your body and your mind.

Physical activity

After taking some time to get a hold of yourself, you may find some reprieve in some physical activity. Go for a run or a swim, take yoga, or lift weights. Working up a sweat helps to improve your motivation. Between the endorphins and the immediate satisfaction of completing a relatively simple task, you will begin to regain confidence and motivation.

Spend time with others

When you need a pick me up, it is really great to lean on your support system. This can be your family members, your friends, your online community, or your pets. Think about the place where you feel the most supported and send a text or make a call. It is ok to need a little bit of help sometimes. 


Amidst rejection, our goals generally don’t change. In order to accomplish those goals, it is important to objectively look at some of the possible reasons we did not get our desired outcome, and then attempt to adjust our strategy. You may need to prepare better for your interview, do a bit more networking, or get more experience, but there is almost always a way to reverse the results.

Moving forward

Be sure to remember that there will always be another open position and another interview. No matter how many times you’ve been rejected (believe us – we know what its like [link to waina’s internship hunt]), there will be an opportunity that is right for you. 

There is no such thing as perfection, so there will always be ways that we can improve ourselves. As you prepare yourself for your next round of interviews, let Mockmate help you get ready. The tool is free and there to help people. 

Happy job hunting!

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