Mockmate is pleased to announce we are a Techstars...

Mockmate announces it is a Techstars portfolio company! Techstars is a competitive startup accelerator, with an acceptance rate of 1%. Nine companies (plus Mockmate) participated

Techstars Experience – Mentor Madness

Techstars mentors are people who have created startups or scaleups, or who have experiences as employees in early-stage companies, or other special applicable skills (like

Recruitment is dead. Interviews for all!

If I can track my pizza delivery in detail, why would I accept anything less from my job application? Mockmate offers the chance for everyone

mates at sea
New Mates at Mockmate

Mockmate is an early-stage startup, always growing, we welcomed 2 new helpers in March! (For more on our story and what motivates us, see our

Press Release – April 1 – Mockmate ann...

Founders of Mockmate, the automated job interview announced today (April 1) they have accepted an offer for acquisition by LinkedIn to meet the growing needs

Mockmate – the mates behind the scenes

Above – one of our first teambuilding activities, Francesco took us sailing! Mockmate – the mates behind the scenes As a new early-stage startup, we

An Update On Our Startup, Mockmate & Some Exciting News...
An Update On Our Startup, Mockmate & Some Exc...

“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller, from the classic 80s

Mockmate – Autumn 2020 Update

Above – Waina gives a workshop on “How to beat the recruiters” to the Louvain School of Management in Belgium Mockmate September & October 2020

coffee taste test
Mockmate – Summer 2020 Update

Above – our first team building exercise – a coffee taste test Mockmate Summer 2020 Update  Hi Everyone! We at Mockmate believe in the power of