questions dedication
“Dedication” Interview Questions

‘Give me some examples of doing more than required in your job.’ Why are recruiters asking this? Everyone has had difficult moments at work and

conflict questions
“Conflict” Interview Questions

‘Tell me about a time you dealt with conflict at work.’ Why are recruiters asking this? No one is perfect and day-to-day people do get

questions company
“Company” Interview Questions

Why are recruiters asking this? “Why do you want to work for this company?” is one of the hardest questions to answer, and at the

questions availability
“Availability” Interview Questions

Often recruiters have internal deadlines and procedures, so asking “When can you start” is a way of checking that your availability aligns with the company’s

accomplishments questions
“Accomplishment” Interview Questions <...

‘What is your greatest achievement?’ Why are recruiters asking this? Asking “What’s your greatest achievement” is a way to learn about your hard skills and

questions academics
“Academics” Interview Questions

‘Discuss your educational background.” Why are recruiters asking this? An academic question is one based on your education, like: “Explain your educational background.” Recruiters might

tell us about yourself questions
“About” Interview Questions

‘Tell me about your work experience.” Why are recruiters asking this? An “about” question is simple: “Tell me about yourself”.  Recruiters might start a first

Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews Every interviewee (that’s you! The person who wants a job) should be aware that there is no right or wrong technique to

Preparing for a Job Interview
How to guide

Preparing for a job interview can be a stressful experience. Mockmate is here to help. Here are our top general tips to prepare for your next

3 Keys To Listing Your Hobbies on Your Resume
3 Keys To Listing Your Hobbies on Your Resume

It’s a pretty steep job market out there. And in recent times, it’s only becoming more competitive. With the changing landscape of the employment market,