How mentoring can help your job prospects

The first thing to consider is ‘what is a mentor’? Not a coach, not a friend and not a therapist.  A mentor is on a

Welcome back + exciting news

Mockmate is back, here to help you get that job. What’s the news? Save the date of April 8th, we’re inviting you to a special

Nailing the Interview Follow-Up (Spoiler Alert, Say Thank You)
Nailing the Interview Follow-Up (Spoiler Alert, Sa...

Getting an interview is a huge step in the job search process. Securing and then nailing the interview is a huge win for job seekers,

3 Tips for Older Workers Looking to Hack the Job Market
3 Tips for Older Workers Looking to Hack the Job M...

It hasn’t been an easy year for job applicants. With unemployment rates higher than ever, many workers are left uncertain about their future in the

Anatomy of the "Million-Dollar Question" and How to Prepare for It
Anatomy of the “Million-Dollar Question̶...

Interviews are a nerve-wracking but necessary step in the job search journey. Even the most prepared among us can still feel a twinge of nervous

Cover letter application
The Art of Quitting

The Art of Quitting At some point in our careers, we will all find ourselves in a position to leave our current job for a

Job-Hopping: The Good, The Bad... The Unavoidable?
Job-Hopping: The Good, The Bad… The Unavoida...

To a certain extent, job-hopping is unavoidable. In recent years, many factors, from a rapidly shifting economy to outgrowing that original career trajectory can have

Mate and working from home
5 Tips For Landing That Remote Job

Ahhh… The remote job. The mythical beast in the job market that was at one time considered the most coveted working condition of them all,

Dealing with rejection
Dealing with rejection from job interviews

One of the scariest things in the world is putting yourself into positions where you know you will be vulnerable. We’re sure you have experienced

Questions to ask in interview
What should you ask in an interview?

Many people think that an interview is all about answering questions. But it is good to remember that an interview is very much a two-way