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Case Study: How Mockmate Helped This Business Hire Two Amazing Business Analysts

For our first client, 403 job candidates were quickly assessed and short listed to improve time-to-hire drastically and capture the right talent.


A medium-sized company that does data analysis had a big hiring problem. In the previous few months, the company had grown rapidly and they suddenly needed to fill two more positions, both business analyst roles. 

The company was looking for candidates that were tech-focused and business-oriented. With the help of Mockmate’s automated interview product (with AI!) all 400+ applicants took an instant automated screening interview and their profiles were immediately ranked into a short-list of 15 candidates.

All candidates had the chance to be considered, and in survey feedback forms, all appreciated the chance to interview. The list of 15 short-listed candidates were recommended to the HR team for in-person interviews. 

In the end, the company hired our top recommended candidates to fill each role.

The challenge

Due to sudden (but very welcome) growth, the company needed to hire, fast, and without taking too much of HR’s time to screen 400+ applications (considering the average person reviews a resume for just 6 seconds) and carry out initial phone screening interviews. 

The company was even considering selecting applications randomly. This, of course, is not ideal as it could mean missing out on great talent. And, it’s unjust as people that apply deserve to be considered. 

The company, like so many, needed an efficient and effective way to quickly screen and interview as many candidates as possible in order to shortlist a handful. 

The solution

Everyone gets an interview! 

Our AI-powered interview tool was used to conduct interviews with every. single. applicant. 

Each person that applied was invited to answer a 7 question automated interview. They had the option to record a short video or select just audio-only. 

Our algorithm analyzed each interview instantly and the company’s hiring team was provided with a report on each candidate, objectively rating them based on predetermined criteria in the job description. The hiring team also received the transcripts of each interview.


364 job applicants interviewed for the company on Mockmate’s interview simulator tool. 

Based on the replies to the 7 questions each candidate was asked, Mockmate’s algorithm ranked each candidate based on the company’s requirements and job description, as well as insight from top organizational psychologists. 

The top candidates were interviewed in-person and, in the end, the two successful candidates were also the ones who ranked first through Mockmate’s screening process. 

Thanks to Mockmate, the company’s hiring team saved close to 24 hours of time that would have otherwise been spent screening candidates’ resumes and in phone interviews. 

Further, Mockmate’s objective analysis helped avoid any biases otherwise normally present in the interview process.




Shortlisted candidates for final interview


Hours of initial interviews saved



(based on Mockmate’s recommendation)

“Were it not for Mockmate, there was no way we could have employed our business analysts in such a short period of time and this was vital given the volume of work that was coming in. Once we sat down and interviewed the shortlisted candidates, it was clear that we really were speaking to the ones best suited for our team.”

–Michelle, HR Manager

Companies large and small can use Mockmate to streamline their interview process, improving efficiency and avoiding biases. Want to try? Contact us!

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