Introduction During my job search, I found a few tools that were interesting to accelerate the job search process, help you find people or exercise your interview skills and STAR stories. I wanted to give you a list of them, hopefully they will be...
Intro I graduated from my MBA in really strange circumstances....
What I did during my Summer Internship at Google
Intro I had the incredible chance to do my summer internship at...
This Chatbot Takes Job Interviews
Introducing my very own chatbot that can answer any type of interview...
Hidden Biases
9 Biases Affecting Your Hiring Process

9 Biases Affecting Your Hiring Process The process of hiring a new person is heavily shaped by a number of different biases in your recruiting

Mate and working from home
5 Tips For Landing That Remote Job

Ahhh… The remote job. The mythical beast in the job market that was at one time considered the most coveted working condition of them all,

Questions to ask in interview
What should you ask in an interview?

Many people think that an interview is all about answering questions. But it is good to remember that an interview is very much a two-way

why work for us questions
“Why do you want to work for us?”

‘Why do you want to work for us?’ Why are recruiters asking this? This is one of the most common questions, and to some people

weaknesses questions
“Weaknesses” Interview Questions

‘What is your greatest weakness?’ Why are recruiters asking this? No one is perfect. If you’re not aware of things you need to improve, then

strenghts questions
“Strengths” Interview Questions

‘What are your strengths?’ Why are recruiters asking this? “What are your strengths?” is a classic interview question, and you should be prepared to answer

salary questions
“Salary Expectation” Interview Questio...

‘What are your salary expectations?’ Why are recruiters asking this? In an interview it might seem like a casual request, but it’s one of the

problem solving
“Problem Solving” Interview Questions ...

‘Can you tell me about a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?’ Why are recruiters asking this? Problem solving interview questions test your

questions prioritization
“Prioritization” Interview Questions <...

‘How do you organize your day?’ Why are recruiters asking this? Time management is important for everyone. In an interview, it’s the time for the

questions client
“Overdid it for a Client” Interview Qu...

‘What does customer service mean to you?’ Why are recruiters asking this? Recruiters want to understand your passion and motivation for the role you are

motivational questions
“Motivational” Interview Questions

‘What motivates you?’ Why are recruiters asking this? “What motivates you?” sounds like a pretty intense question! Here’s how to answer in an interview. This

miscellaneous questions
“Miscellaneous” Interview Questions

‘What should I know that isn’t on your CV?’ Why are recruiters asking this? This and other miscellaneous-style questions are typically open-ended and can be