need work experience to get a job, need a job to get work experience
What to talk about in an interview when you don’...

You need work experience to get a job -- but need the job to get work experience. What to talk about in an interview when

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Case Study: How Mockmate Helped This Business Hire...

For our first client, 403 job candidates were quickly assessed and short listed to improve time-to-hire drastically and capture the right talent.

Mockmate Ambassador program “Mates for Mockmate...

We’re an HR tech startup seeking enthusiastic college Brand Ambassadors to be our “Mates at Mockmate”. Help us reach people who need help with interviewing.

How to Actually Enjoy Networking

You know you need to network. It’s one of those things, like proofreading your CV and polishing your response to "Tell me about yourself", that you

Mental Health Month

We understand and know that the job hunting struggle is very real and, since May is Mental Health Month, we’re sharing 6 tips on how

Take the sting out of job-hunting with Rejection Therapy
Take the sting out of job-hunting with Rejection T...

Rejection emails are never easy, especially after spending time and energy to apply for a job. But what if you make getting rejected the goal?

Mockmate is pleased to announce we are a Techstars...

Mockmate announces it is a Techstars portfolio company! Techstars is a competitive startup accelerator, with an acceptance rate of 1%. Nine companies (plus Mockmate) participated

Techstars Experience – Mentor Madness

Techstars mentors are people who have created startups or scaleups, or who have experiences as employees in early-stage companies, or other special applicable skills (like

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Kick-Start Your Job Search (Powered by Mockmate, H...

If you're looking for a job, you're in luck. Just as more people are getting vaccinated, more people are getting hired. Unemployment is dropping. It's

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New Mates at Mockmate

Mockmate is an early-stage startup, always growing, we welcomed 2 new helpers in March! (For more on our story and what motivates us, see our