Mockmate Ambassador program “Mates for Mockmate”

Mockmate is revolutionizing how people get jobs, starting with the interview. 

“Mock” is a kind of practice interview.

“Mate” is your buddy

We’re your interview friend. 

Mockmate’s tool helps you practice job interview questions. More than 800 of them.

When you answer, by typing, talking or recording a short video, your interview is analysed by Mockmate’s magic – artificial intelligence – gives you immediate and objective analysis.

Mockmate is seeking enthusiastic college Brand Ambassadors to be our “Mates at Mockmate”. Help us reach people who need help with interviewing. 

Our free product helps you practice job interviews and with immediate AI-driven feedback. 

In September 2021, we’re launching on college campuses nationwide. And we need your help!

What you will need to do:

Bring new users (students) to Mockmate. It can be your friends, teammates, roommates, and more.

How you will do it: Share Mockmate in conversation, with your friends, on social media, in the hallway, in your student newspaper, and anywhere else you think people might be interested. Keep track of users you signed up and meet targets. Reply to online reviews and comments – always be kind. Monitor our competition and feed new ideas in. Provide feedback and input on how to build the next best HR tech startup.

What you will gain from this experience: 

You will get work experience with a startup, that you can put on your resume. And, depending how many people you bring in, you’ll get: stickers, pens, a notebook, T-shirt, a $50 Amazon gift card, a fancy portfolio folder to hold your resume and/or personalised expert career coaching session. We’ll also boost you with friendly shoutouts or/and referrals to your LinkedIn page. 

So if you want to help support job seekers, and gain work experience as well as have fun and meet new people: sign up here to interview to be a mate with Mockmate!

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