Bring your best self and make your strengths shine 

In 00:001 seconds your brain can process information. This can have unfortunate effects (which is why we at Mockmate believe in trying to remove biases through AI). 

But throughout the hiring process, you’ll probably be asked to interview with a hiring manager, in person or online, to present yourself to the team. 

When you’re looking for a job, it’s a good time to treat yourself. Job hunting is hard work. And it’s easy to feel frustrated by rejections or lack of reply. When you’re finally invited to a live interview, take a moment to congratulate yourself. When you feel good about yourself, it pays off. 

Here’s Mockmate’s roundup of 5 quick tips for your job interview outfit so you can bring your best self, and make your strengths shine. 
1. The dress-code depends on the position

Interviewing for a startup? Don’t wear a suit.

But if you’re interviewing for investment banking, then make sure your suit is pressed!

The type of job you’re after for should be reflected in how you present yourself. A suit is not always required. Think about what you’d normally wear at work for a big presentation/speech which might be more appropriate for an interview.

2. Learn the dress code of a company you’re interviewed in

It can be easy to figure out what employees at your prospective company wear by turning to social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). 

Do a little sleuthing to search for some pics of the team on a normal day. Skip the travel pictures from trips and weekend picnics 🙂

3. Err on the side of moderation

Although it can be fun to express your favorite sports team or a brand you really love, you might want to leave out some of the louder clothing. 

If you show up to an interview with some loud flair – like wearing a football jersey – you could provoke a reaction, whether it’s “I love the Bears!” or “I hate the Bears!”. Unless you’re interviewing for the Bears, it’s probably best to wear things which are a little less unique. 

In general, avoid clothes you’d wear to the beach (shorts, short skirts, flip flops, tank tops) unless you’re interviewing to be a lifeguard.

4. Be neat 

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg always wears a t-shirt or hoodie. 

However he does always look neat. 

Be neat means take a moment to ensure you look your best – because it will make you feel your best. 

If it’s appropriate for you to wear a t-shirt to a job interview (it might be in some cases) then ensure it’s pressed without wrinkles. 

Take an umbrella if it’s raining. 

Bring a comb or hairbrush if it’s windy, for a last-minute quick fix. 

5. Be yourself

Of course if you feel confident in your look, you’ll likely feel confident. 

Above all else, don’t forget to be yourself. 

The founder of the Hired Group, Samari Majerus, says, “if you feel good in your outfit, you can focus on what is important – the interview”.

To help you get to the live interview, Mockmate has a free job interview simulator so you’ll be prepared. Answer 800+ classic job interviews that always come up, like “what are your strengths”.

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