3 Tips for Older Workers Looking to Hack the Job Market
It hasn’t been an easy year for job applicants. With unemployment rates higher than ever, many workers are left uncertain about their future in the current job climate. No workers are as uncertain, however as the older workers in the job force. Citing reasons from older workers being “less adaptable” to just being “too expensive” to hire, older job candidates are finding themselves in the challenging position of trying to compete with younger, less expensive potential hires. In fact, from 2008 to 2012, a study on laid-off workers showed that workers aged over 62 found themselves 65% more likely to remain unemployed after 12 months, compared to their younger counterparts. Still, that doesn’t leave older workers completely at a disadvantage. There are numerous advantages that come from hiring older job candidates. As a candidate, the best way older applicants can position themselves ahead of any other candidate is to harness their experience in ways that showcase their long-term experience as a strength. What are some of the best ways to do that?

1. Leverage Loyalty

While it’s true that employment gaps will be scrutinized on resumes, one of the best things that a job applicant can do is to highlight their long-term employment average. It’s no secret that younger workers in the workforce are more likely to make frequent job changes early in their career, and the best thing to do in this case is to highlight the discipline, focus and loyalty that is often associated with staying with the same company over a longer period of time.

2. Maintain a Growth Mindset

One of the biggest deterrents for recruiters when prospecting older candidates is their skepticism about employee adaptability. When a candidate shows that they are staying current and constantly learning new skills and resources, it makes the case for them always being able to remain ahead of the curve. Older applicants are encouraged to check out the multitude of online courses available that could expand their current skill set. It’s a win for everyone.

3. Use Your Network

There really is no better resource for job hunters than their own personal network. The biggest benefit of having a longer work history is the fact that there are bound to be some pretty incredible connections that have been made along the way. Older applicants have the benefit of tapping into a wider network of contacts who can personally vouch for their work ethic and highlight their strengths. No matter how job seekers are approaching the current job market, the best thing to do is to stay ready for every opportunity. Mockmate helps you level up your interview skills for any job market by using its smart AI job interview simulator to get you practicing for any question that could come your way. Try it today, and get back in the game.

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