Author: Waina Landauro

What did I do during my Summer Internship at Google

Intro I had the incredible chance to do my summer internship at Google over the summer. If you’re interested in my interview process you can read this post. I worked in the Cloud department and focused on delivering content for helping clients understand digital transformation and the amazing possibilities Google offers for large enterprise clients. Here […]

This Chatbot Takes Job Interviews

Introducing my very own chatbot that can answer any type of interview questions. It’s still learning but I’m pretty proud of my digital self. Please start a conversation with me! Idea Aren’t all interviews scripted? The interviewer knows the questions she’s going to ask in advance and you kind of prepared statements about 10-12 topics […]

Practice with a Consulting Case

Introduction Consulting interview has its own special process for recruiting candidates. You can check out my advice for full-scale preparation in this article. You can also check out my step-by-step guide to write a decent cover letter. This year, I made another attempt to make consulting cases fun! IESE organised a case writing competition hand in hand […]


Finding an internship was definitely not easy and rather stressful. It’s the main objective for everyone in the first year. It seems that European companies are less attracted by MBA internship programs than their U.S. counterparts.I had a focus on Tech, which makes the application a bit more difficult because the recruiting starts much later […]

Google Internship Interview Process

Application Process As long I as remember I’ve wanted to work for Google. When I started my MBA, it was my personal el dorado. If only I could land a job at my dream company. If only I could make my dream come true and replace Microsoft Office with G-suite as a universal standard. That […]

UBER Internship Interview Process

Introduction The goal of my MBA was to join a big tech company. I held Uber in very high estime since the very beginning. Unfortunately, the company didn’t come during the career fairs and it was actually quite hard to meet them. Luckily we got the chance to visit the HQ in London during the […]

Preparing for an MBB Consulting Interview

Introduction The consulting career is one of the most sought opportunities for MBA students. I was part of the crowd that didn’t really consider it, but during the November/December fever, I couldn’t resist applying. The salary, the prestige and the competition made me want a job at an MBB. In the end,  I made it […]