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Mockmate is an AI job interview simulator.

If recruiting worked, you wouldn't be here.
Mockmate is recruiting for the rest of us.

For companies we help enable faster hiring. For job seekers we help with practice interviews.

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Hi, we {are Mockmate!, help you interview., are here to help. }

Our story

Hiring and getting hired

Rejection, after rejection, after rejection…

Applying for a job can be really tough. We know – our startup team has applied to literally hundreds of jobs. 

And then there’s hiring.

Hundreds of applicants for one job. Endless back-and-forth to schedule interviews. 

There’s a better, faster way to interview: Mockmate

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About Mockmate

“Mock” is a kind of practice interview.

“Mate” is your buddy.

We’re your interview friend. Mockmate is an early stage startup based in Barcelona.

We’re small but mighty. Things might not be perfect. But we’re motivated to tackle our mission and realize our vision. Want to help us?

Mockmate's mission

Our mission is to use technology to improve getting a job and the entire hiring process, unlocking opportunity for candidates, and growing the talent pool for companies. 

We’re starting with our AI job interview simulator.

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Mockmate’s vision

Our vision of the future of work is remote and efficient, for candidates and companies, with equal opportunities without human biases.

Mockmate has a special focus on building a better world with equal opportunities for all. 

Diversity helps people and businesses. Companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially and are more innovative. And, diversity unlocks innovation

With objective and traceable hiring, Mockmate can help reduce biases in the interview process.

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Our team

Here’s who works behind-the-scenes

Mockmate may be automated, but we're not.

Waina Landauro

Waina Landauro

Founder and Product

Waina Landauro

Founder and Product

Tech enthusiast and creative mind. Work experience in China, Thailand, East Africa, Belgium, UK, France. Now head of Product and Team at Mockmate.

Mike Gross

Mike Gross

Business development

Mike Gross

Business development

A former dancer turned MBA, driven to innovate and better lives. Global professional performance experience. Now leading the charge at Mockmate.

A mechanical engineer turned finance guru. Work experience in Italy, US, China, Spain. Now responsible for finance at Mockmate.

Meg Kenna

Meg Kenna


Meg Kenna


A think tank analyst turned startup business developer. Work experience in US, Belgium, East Africa and Spain. Now helping marketing at Mockmate.

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