Mockmate Pilot Project

AI Interview Simulator Pilot Project


Who we are

Mockmate is an online platform that replaces the tedious first-round of interviews that consume so much of HR's time.
We have a free online job simulator that uses artificial intelligence (AI). Selected questions are presented to our users, who reply by talking or typing their answers.  Mockmate then gives feedback on the answer in a matter of seconds, along with suggestions on how to improve. Try it now on
For businesses who are hiring, our algorithm helps make interviewing more objective, so that you can quickly and easily find the best candidates in your recruiting process using data and AI.

Who you are

A business that is hiring new candidates in summer 2020. Your recruiting process typically starts with a phone call behavioral interview to screen selected candidates. 

What we’ll do together

As a business partner, you will test Mockmate’s job interview simulator.
Instead of conducting a phone interview with candidates, you’ll use Mockmate. On our free online platform, the candidate can answer the questions which will be evaluated with our proprietary algorithm. 
After the interview we will supply you a full report of the results. The candidates will be ranked according to the scoring system of the artificial intelligence, and this will be accopmanied by thier scores and our feedback.

How it will work

  • Complete the form, and we’ll call you to discuss your needs and the position you’re hiring for.
  • You’ll post the job and select which candidates you’d like to interview.
  • We’ll either give you a dedicated link for you to share with your candidates or contact your candidates directly and ask them to interview online.
  • Then, we’ll share with you the results of the interviews.
  • We’ll have a 1-hour debriefing session so we can gather feedback to improve.

Let’s get started!

Interested in participating in this completely free trial? Fill in the form below!

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