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Mockmate helps job seekers practice interviewing,
and companies screen candidates faster
using artificial intelligence and natural language processing

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automated interviews with Mockmate
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Mockmate - practice friend

“Mock” is a kind of practice interview.
“Mate” is your buddy.
We’re your interview friend.

Interviewing is a skill you can master.
Learn, practice & improve with our AI-powered interview software


Helping job seekers state strengths and refine weaknesses

Mockmate helps you practice more than 800 standard behavioral interview questions.

Type, talk, or record a video to answer traditional behavioral job interview questions.

Mockmate’s magic – artificial intelligence – gives you immediate and objective analysis.

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Sorting through thoughts

Partner with Mockmate - businesses and universities

With automated interviews, more people can be considered for open roles, opening up opportunities for candidates and employers.

A structured interview helps to remove biases and professionalize your hiring process.

Interview all candidates, increase your talent pool, and automate your shortlist based with Mockmate.

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