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“Mock” means practice, “mate” is a friend.
Mockmate is your smart practice interview friend.

Mockmate helps job seekers (and companies) get jobs faster by automating interviews.

Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, everyone can interview and get objective analysis.

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The 3 minute job interview

Mockmate offers more than 2000 typical behavioral interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” 

Answer by video, audio or typing out your response.

Mockmate’s algorithm provides immediate and objective analysis based on the content.

Recruiters access our community of 10,000+ candidates

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Our job board automatically interviews everyone that applies. This structured interview helps to remove biases and professionalize your hiring process.

All candidates are considered, increasing your talent pool, and automating your shortlist.

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Resumes are over-rated. Everyone deserves to interview!

  • Job seekers apply by interviewing immediately.
  • Mockmate ranks the answers based on the content, compared to the job description.
  • Recruiters get a short list of the best candidates.
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