Mockmate is an AI-powered job interview simulator. It asks you a series of randomly generated job interview questions, which you can answer by either recording your voice or writing your answer. Our proprietary algorithm then analyses your answer and gives you a score. If your score isn't as high as you hoped, we offer valuable advice to help you improve your answer. Don't worry if you are feeling stuck - there are even examples of recruiter-approved answers to inspire you to continually improve. Try it!

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Question Bank

Mockmate's database of more than 800 questions are delivered randomly to keep you on your toes.

AI-Driven Analysis

Our machine-learning algorithm analyses your answers and scores you based on your performance.

Voice Recognition

Talk directly to Mockmate to simulate a real interview. If you're in a noisy place just submit your written answers before memorizing them!

Tailored advice

You get immediate feedback on how well you performed, complete with specific advice and examples of best answers.

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